2023 marks the 50-year anniversary of Enter The Dragon, the epic martial arts film that made the epic martial artist Bruce Lee a household name; 2023 also marks the year the martial arts legend is getting his own series – an old-style anime one, that is, entitled House of Lee. Spearheaded by Bruce Lee Entertainment, as well as Bruce’s daughter Shannon Lee, House of Lee is set to premiere on Shibuya in 2024.

The fantasy/action series draws heavy inspiration from Bruce Lee’s mantra: “Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.” Stream the vintage 30-second teaser, which sees Lee prepping for a duel and transforming into a dragon, in the gallery above.

To commemorate Enter The Dragon‘s 50-year anniversary, the film saw a celebratory 4K UHD screening in a total of 650 theaters across the U.S. and will see another one on August 16. The screenings show the House of Lee trailer as part of the pre-film previews.

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Directed by: Emily Yang
Produced by: Shibuya
Music by: Paris Blohm
Character Design: Phuncal, Emily Yang
Animation: Shockunit Studio
Storyboard & Lead Artist: Phuncal
Art: Du Jiawei
Animators: Wang Ying, Zang Ya
Compositing: Kim Ho, Emily Yang
Editing: Emily Yang, Maciej Kuciara
Color Grading: Maciej Kuciara

House of Lee Teaser Trailer

Compositing Frames

Compositing Frames

Compositing Frames + Title Design